Applying for a junior (year 3) school place

Information about waiting lists

We are currently updating school waiting lists. Letters together with a form have been sent to all parents where children were on a waiting list. We have asked for the forms to be returned to us by 18 August 2023.

We will not be able to provide updated waiting list positions until 29 August at the earliest.

Before you apply

If your child attends an infant school

The eAdmisssions online portal is now closed and can no longer be used to apply for a junior school place for September 2023. If you still need to make an application, please complete the primary in-year application form. For more information, see in-year admissions (moving school during the year).

If you live in Enfield but your child is at an infant school outside Enfield, you need to contact the school's local authority or speak to your child’s current school to find out how to apply for a year 3 school place.

If your child attends a primary school

If your child already attends a primary school and is in year 2, you do not need to apply. Your child’s place will continue into year 3 in September.

Only parents of children in year 2 who attend an infant school need to apply.

Apply for an infant or junior (years 2 to 3) school place

See in-year admissions (moving school during the year) for information about applying for a primary school place. Please do this as soon as possible.

Changing school

If your child is already attending a primary school and you want to transfer them to a different primary school, refer to our in-year admissions page for further information.

View your application

You can view your application via the eAdmissions online system.

You cannot change your preferences online after the closing date. If you are changing address, you must email the Enfield School Admissions Service with:

Contact us

You can get in touch with the School Admissions team if you have a query about your application or you're changing address:

Telephone: 020 8379 5501

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