Admission to primary school - September 2023

Information about waiting lists

We are currently updating school waiting lists. Letters together with a form have been sent to all parents where children were on a waiting list. We have asked for the forms to be returned to us by 18 August 2023.

We will not be able to provide updated waiting list positions until 29 August at the earliest.

Places at Enfield primary and infant schools were allocated in line with the published admissions criteria for each school. View the primary schools in Enfield admissions criteria PDF, 8087.87 KB.

Accepting your offer

If you applied online and received your allocation by email, you should accept your place by 2 May 2023 using your eAdmissions account. We advise that you accept the place even if you wish to pursue a different school, either through the waiting list or appeals process.

For information about oversubscribed community schools, academies and free schools, and the furthest distance we offered places, see our chart (PDF, 173.25 KB).

Waiting lists

All oversubscribed Enfield schools have waiting lists. You can get waiting list positions for all schools other than church schools from us. You will need to contact church schools directly for their information.

Your child’s name is automatically included on the waiting list for any Enfield school that was a higher preference than the school they were offered.

If you want your child to be considered for a school that was not one of your original preferences or was a lower preference than the one they were offered, you will need to complete a PR2 form (PDF, 105.41 KB). You should email the completed form to by 2 May 2023.


If your child was not offered a place at your preferred school, you can appeal. Infant class sizes are restricted by law to thirty pupils with one qualified teacher. If your child has not been offered a place because the class is at this limit, you can still appeal. However, it is important you read the information with the form as infant appeals are often unsuccessful because panels have limited powers to uphold this type of appeal.

Appeals for community schools are arranged by the appeals service and will be either held virtually or at the Enfield Civic Centre. Academies, voluntary aided, foundation and free schools are responsible for their own appeal procedures.

For more information, see school admissions appeals.

Schools outside Enfield

If you’ve been unsuccessful with an application for a school outside of Enfield, you should contact the school or the borough the school is in for more information.

What to do if you haven’t made an application for primary school for Autumn 2023

If your child was born between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019, you should apply for them to start their primary school education.

Visit eAdmissions to register and complete an online application for primary school for Autumn term.

Deferring your child's place

If your child was born between 1 April 2019 and 31 August 2019 and you want make a request to defer their entry to school by a whole year, please view our summer born guidance (PDF, 176.75 KB) and complete the deferral request form (PDF, 107.57 KB). For further guidance about school admissions for children born in the summer, visit GOV.UK - Summer born children: advice for parents.

Medical criterion

If you would like your child's application to be considered under the medical criterion, see our medical priority guidance.

Frequently asked questions

We know that you may need more information about the admissions to reception. The frequently asked questions document (PDF, 221.47 KB) has further details about the process.


See a list of schools with possible vacancies (PDF, 129.79 KB) as at 17 April 2023.

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